Hey yall, Im new to the industry. I went to a tech school last year and finished in may this year, i still had 1 more year left but found a job not to far from home. So i quit school and i am now getting on the job training, which i feel is much better than going to school. I have learned so much more in the field the last 3 months than i learned in a classroom in 9mths. But, i had a good instructor and if i need anything he helps me out. I am planning on working with the company that hired me long enough to get my journey mans and then to get my contractors license. Myself and a buddy that i went to class with are planning on opening a business and serving oklahoma. So our plan is within 4yrs to have this accomplished.
I signed up with H-talk because i was looking for information on some tools and stumbled across some forums here that give great information. No better way to get info than to ask the ones that have used the equipment or already experienced it. I will definitely be checking in from time to time to check things out.