We recently moved into a home in Northern California, Coastal area 1/4 mile from the ocean and need to purchase and install a Heat pump. Currently the house uses electric wall units in each room. Load Calc calls for 21k Btuh with a 37 degree design td. I am interested in the xr15 4twr5018 matched with the Tam7 air handler. However the smallest Tam7 available is a Am7a0a24. We want the tam7 for the dehumidification capability. Opinions on matching an XR15 in ton and a half with the Tam7 2 ton air handler? Is it better to just go with a 2 ton xr15 for a better match, and not stress over the slight oversizing?
i appreciate any input in advance. I am a fix it guy and do not know a lot about sizing and or installation. Is the dehumidification feature of the Tam7 worth it (keep in mind we have serious humidity problems with moldy shoes etc..etc..etc..) Some locals solutions are to leave a light on in a closet to remove the moisture? I am not able to navigate to a site where I can check the HSPF of the units in the 2 configurations I am considering.

XR15 4twr5018 with an Am7a0a24
XR15 4twr5024 with an Am7a0a024

I need to make my decision quick, before the meter flies off the wall outside!
Thank you for any help!