Here we have a thirty HR to make new again. It has a long bad history. Probably 5 or 6 years ago mikesacman and I went to get it chugging since it was coming on spring and down. Pulled barrel ends and it looked like coal. I dug, found tubes, and brushed them out. After an eddy current the barrels were plugged to the max. The endbells were cleaned and missing flow dividers were rebuilt with JB weld. (save it I caught enough flak over it, it was need it yesterday job and it worked). It ran has served them marginally well not maintained.
Two years ago another tube failed flooded B. They let it rip and now they want it fixed. Two con barrels, 4 core drier, exv, two 06Es, and lots of other crap. Even though they are sent quotes for new and had new vs. this...I actually think they want to fix it. Honestly I hope they fix it because I enjoy the challenge.