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    Is anyone aware of any products that I could attach to the end of steel fish tape (for pulling cable / wire through walls) so that I could determine the location of the tip of the tape through a wall?

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    if you know the general area, would a stud finder work?

    just thinking.

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    I was thinking about that too, but I'm usually fishing through studded drywall, and the hangups tend to be near studs/nails, so that doesn't really help.

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    Yes, it's available @ Lowes. It's used to trace wires. It generates an electrical signal, you have a base unit (sender) & a handheld receiver. You can adjust the sensitivity & the thickness of your walls may be an issue - but it can be done. Look in the electric supply section, it's used to ring out phone lines, cable tv & elec.

    Be careful..... metal fish tapes conduct electricity.

    If you have problems finding it let me know, I'll dig mine out & get the mfg. name.

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