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Thread: Humidification

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    I'm Looking for suggestions for humidifier type and brand.
    I have 2 heat pumps and house is about 3400 sq ft

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    i would look in to a steam type.

    are both air handlers in the basement?(or a conditioned space?) it's not a good idea to put a humidifier in an attic due to potential freezing and all around leaking issues.

    our preferred brand is auto-flo but there are many others.

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    If a standard flow through humidifier won't suffice (heatpump puts out cooler air than a furnace) and there's the potential for freezing, you might want to consider alternatives.

    Most homes which require humidifiers tend to be drafty. Air sealing can actually increase the humidity in addition to reducing energy consumption. Given that a humidifier can cost upwards of $300, draft proofing is not a bad investment.

    It may not be the end all solution, however it will definitely help.

    Also if you have a natural draft gas fired waterheater, you may want to consider replacing/converting it to a direct vent model so there's no open draft hood 27/7. (this will reduce air infiltration dramatically)

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