I recently succeeded from the Democratic party.
I voted for Kerry with full blinders on, but when watching the 2008 elections I felt as if the blinders miraculously disappeared! I didn't vote that election! I decided to become an independent voter. I fealt as if my political views more so reflected that of the republican party than that of the "New Dems"!
However; I cannot/will not pledge my allegiance to the Republican party. I feel that neither parties properly represent my political views. I did vote for Romney this election because I feel that our current administration bombed with a fat "F". I feel that a president (regardless of party) should be fired by the people with such a poor record (loyalists from both sides will never allow this).

All of this has lead me to looking into the Libertarian party. I have done a little research on the party, but would like to hear some thoughts from both sides as to the pros/cons.
I know my petty vote doesn't hold much clout, but feel that making a statement for my disappointment for both parties may be worth its weight in gold!
Any thoughts?