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    Integration opera v5 with JCI MSEA

    Hallo everyone,
    i need to integrate an opera v5 hotel system to a MSEA Johnson Controls, with ADS and NAE/NIEs. Does anyone have some experience on this to advice me? I am trying to figure out the protocol output of the opera and the options that i have, searching manuals etc... Any advice could be useful
    Thanks in advance
    Have a nice day

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    I have no experience doing this. However, we bid to do a project like this but they put it off... My understanding was that they had a BACnet/IP server so you'd just auto discover right? I thought the opera system just occupied the room? Please correct me if I am wrong.

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    Good morning chas_md
    Indeed, i need to get from opera the occupancy of the room as you said. If they have a server (i don't know yet) that has an output of BACnet/IP i would be extremely happy cause of the autodiscover feature....

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