Greed. Plain and simple, greed is what is killing the American Dream.

Allow me to attempt to explain.

Lets say Billy Bob has a little company in say Kentucky, 20 people, a manufacturing plant, two trucks, a small warehouse and 20 customers that buy his products. Billy Bob sells, oh, I guess Titanium wool socks for hunting (don't laugh, I have two pair) and sells enough socks to keep his little company growing 15% every year and shares his successes with his employees by bonuses. His employees live in the same town as the plant and so on.

Lets say Billy Bob is a good business owner and puts half of his growth back in the business and buys more trucks, maybe hires another employee, pays his employees a fair wage yada yada blah blah blah...

So after several years of constant growth, decides he wants more (nothing wrong with that, right???) so he sells his small company to Company X and walks away from his baby with a very small fortune in his hands. His employees are left to fend for themselves. He will probably build a house way too large, buy expensive European cars and probably die of congestive heart failure at 55 years old because he didn't even mow his own lawn.

So what happens to the "small" business? Well the huge publicly traded company now mass produces his socks in a factory in Ohio by robotic equipment and it requires only five people to run the line. These are minimum wage button pushers barely making enough to keep the lights on and have to commute 1 hour each way because they cannot afford to live in the same city as the plant.

The company raises the profit margin on the product two ways, it's cheaper to make them, and the worldwide advertising allows a higher retail price, meanwhile 20 good paying jobs, a local business that bought raw materials locally, shipping companies, local taxes, not to mention the pride of working for a local icon, are all erased in a small percentage of the time it took to build it. Leaving a small hole in small town USA.

Where do we go from here? How do we slow this down?

Having been a small business owner and being the son of a small business owner, then working for one of the largest publicly traded companies in the world, I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, this is what is killing America.

Not looking to save the world here. All I ask is that you think before you buy.... Try NOT to shop at a business that has more than two stores once a week. Even if you don't think so, if every person in every state in the Union did this, the jobs discussion would not exist.

Support your local small businesses. They will thank you for it.

I'm not a smart man, I have worked hard for everything I have, will probably die with very little and am OK with that.

Buy only what you need

Buy American

Buy local.

That is all.....