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    Lenox Pulse G14 -- HELP!

    Hi my name is Jeremy, I'm here looking for some help with my Lenox G14 Gas Furnace.

    I came home to a cooler house than normal today. I have my thermostat set at 62 degrees and the current temp in the house is 57.

    My furnace will turn on for 30 seconds to about two minutes at a time, during this time warm air is coming from the registers. However, before reaching temp the furnace will shut off. This happens intermittently, on, off, on, off, while never reaching my thermostatically set temperature.

    Gas line is on, Filter is clean as a whistle. I know little to nothing about furnaces but pretty handy all around. Could y'all help me out? Any ideas of what could be wrong? Trying to save calling a technician!

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    Sorry, we're not a DIY site.
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    those pulse furnaces have been recalled!!!!!

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    Look up a Lennox dealer in your area. Ask them to do what is called a "PULSE" test. its a specific test where they plug off a few things and fill the heat exchanger with 5 lbs. of nitrogen pressure. It should hold for 5 minutes. If it doesn't its a bad furnace. If you are the original owner, its under warranty and Lennox will give you an allotment to get a new furnace installation. If you are not the original owner, than it has to be less than 20 years old to get the warranty. I bet its over 20. A Pulse furnace is not like any other furnace ever made, so don't attempt to work on it yourself. most techs will not even work on one. Thats why you need the PULSE test done. If that tech knows how to do a Pulse test, than he probably knows how to repair them.
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    more than likely the fan switch is cycling the fan motor due to the cool operating temps, but that beast still needs to be check by someone who knows what they are doing, not everyone can work on those machines
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