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    Revenge for forced Health Care Insurance

    as you people know, the Democrats illegally passed the unconstitutional health care bill to defend the profits of the insurance companies and to force us to pay for the deficit they piss away every year.

    now is a perfect time to re-evaluate our spending habits.

    as you know, a lot of people are out of work , they call it "bad economy" , but the only bad economy is constantly sending new jobs over seas.

    you need to start remembering the value of money.
    i see so many people what says "oh it's only 300 dollars"
    we need to remember that 8 bucks an hour, times 40 hours a week, that many people have to work is $320 , minus taxes.
    less than $320 for 40 hours of work.

    back in the day, my grandparents didn't want to spend 30 bucks.

    i don't spend 1/10 of what everyone else does, and still i manage to but what ever i want.
    i've become a master of getting things super cheap off the internet.

    my point is,
    since the government found a way to pry a massive tax out of our hands, we need to make the gutless corporations who were afraid to fight the government , pay for this.

    we carelessly give money to companies who are making life great for the disgusting Communist Chinese.

    we need to make sure corporations pay heavily for not fighting this health care bill, by not carelessly spending money, and retain out own wealth.

    they can tax me $1300, but i'll probably easily save 3 times that starting next year

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    Not that I do not agree with your premise, but not buying THINGS kills jobs and the economy.
    I agree that we need to tighten OUR belts and spend less, but GOVERNMENT NEEDS to spend less worse.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cehs View Post
    Not that I do not agree with your premise, but not buying THINGS kills jobs and the economy.
    I agree that we need to tighten OUR belts and spend less, but GOVERNMENT NEEDS to spend less worse.
    Just thinking out loud..... if i were to rescind my USA citizenship:

    I cannot be deported.
    I get free medical care.
    I pay no income tax.
    I can apply for free housing- phone- food- and such for which I would easily qualify with no reported income.

    Cash is King, barter is better, a clever man can always fill his pockets.

    There are 2 sides of a coin to be studied.

    I have undergone a massive business expansion this year, profit margin is down, and I am tired and seldom home. I can cut back to previous business volume, fire my helper, show a minimal income while I can chop wood and grow my own tobacco and veggies and meat and do any number of stuff that would fall under the heading of "cash transaction". Home every day, doing things I would like doing more. Much less stress.

    I did pick up a recent major account, and I have good relations with the owner, but I can tell the man that i have 'bitten off a little more than i can chew' and he will understand.

    I am not blaming any of this on obama, it is just the economic reality of the day. If you are not showing any real income with a lackadaisical work habit you can get freebies, and whatever taxes you pay is a pittance. If you put your nose to the grind-stone and bring in the work then the feds are going to punish you with outlandish taxes. I have bills and expenses I could do without.
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