Hello gentlemen,

Some months ago I was in need of a BACnet application to scan a
network and save some relevant information. After adding some
functionality I realized that others might also need a similar tool
and decided to launch it commercially. (To respect the rules of this
forum, I WILL NOT POST ITS NAME/LOCATION. I'm not looking to have
publicity, but rather to have opinions from people in the industry.)

So, before I ask you my questions, let me introduce what it does:

A little application is installed on a computer and scans the BACnet
network at regular intervals defined by the user. The data is then
sent to a website on the Internet. It's the equivalent of a huge trend
log on every object of every device. (There's some filter options
to ignore devices if needed.)

The data is accessible via the website or via an API, so it can be
used in other programs (excel, google spreadsheet..).

I also made sure to encrypt every communication with HTTPS and to make
it unnecessary to have a static IP.

Now, given that this is everything you need to log a network, in what
form would you need the data? Web interface? Some kind of reports? Or
would it be of marginal use with the ability to send the data to other

Is the idea of sending data outside the local network scaring?

Am I missing some obvious features? Something that you always wanted
to have with the trend logs?

Some kind of control loops analysis?
Optimization based on the building history?

In order words, what would you do yourself with the data, and what you
would like to have done for you?

I thank you very much in advance for your inputs!