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    HELP! Comtrol 4K rack controller

    Im working on a hussmann rack that is controlled by a Comtrol 4K. I am not too familiar with these and does not help that the screen is blanked out. Where can I get a new one of these or can I just replace the screen? I think that the suction transducer is reading high, cause the controller is running the rack about 8# too high.. making my meat cases run lil warm. I cannot verify that with the screen being out. I dont have a spare transducer either.. maybe that would be the better route? The customer has seen the controller and would fix/replace it though..

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    Why is the screen blanked out? No power to it? Physical damage to the screen?

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    Actually blanked out wasnt a very correct description.. The screen cannot be read. There are dashes and lines all over that prevent reading any value or seeing screen options:/

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    Comtrol is no longer in production.

    you would be better served looking into an E2 or a Danfoss controller.

    They both have provisions to accept the existing Comtrol IO network.

    That way, you are at least making a move forward.

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    there is a dial in the back where you can adjust the contrast maybe it will help some. is there a 5k(modem for Comtrols) in the store you can connect to using ezcom and you can see what your controller is doing.

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    If you are working at a Safeway store the head office will have a surplus supply of used 4K controllers. If not, then E2.

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