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    Insulation inside of furnace

    Hello all,

    Hoping someone can tell me where I can find replacement insulation for inside the furnace, where the heating element is. My furnace is a Coleman that is a couple of years old. When I take the cover off, on each side is a sheet of reflective insulation where it is a silver color on the side that faces in and then the outside is brown, almost like a paper bag. Sandwiched in between is a thin bit of yellow insulation. When the furnace was installed, a hole was left open but was covered up by the insulation. My cat found out that he liked to scratch the insulation away so now I just have a hole there. I'm attaching a couple of pics, one from the outside and one from the inside to hopefully better explain what I am talking about. Just want to know where to find the same replacement insulation (Lowe's didn't have it) and if it does not violate the no DIY questions policy, can I just cover up that hole so that the cat does not scratch out the replacement insulation when I put it in?

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