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What kind of name is keviekev? Sounds Russian to me. Not surprised you would be backing a Marxist. You want to change America with your hero into a socialist dictatorship I see. Not all of us care for that BS. Thank you, thank you very much
Glen what do you care for? Do you really believe it's about you? No way!!!...It's about THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD IN AMERICA...."The American Dream"....Ah but people don't get it you're already programmed and by no means I'm saying you're a bad people it's just the way you are.
But all I see is certain Americans had it their way for a long time and now it's being taken away bit by bit.
I have to Honor this President due to my given privileges. You may ask and what it that? Guest what I'm PRIVILEGED!
Ron Paul was my guy but after I saw nothing better Mr.Obama had my vote.