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If GA does have a wife, she is probably happier than yours bickering about who makes more money. If he does not, then there is no bickering at all.. Either way, GA is the winner of that exchange of ideas.
One thing a REAL American will NOT tolerate is someone taking a shot at their family.

While posters on the forum are fair game, as are their beliefs... their families are NOT.

Someone that is too immature, selfish, childish, and full of thenselvews to have that level of professionalism and integrity... well they might end up with a serious a$$ kickin' if they do it to my face. Probably not an issue... as I will not be in his neck of the woods... and I think he has more sense than to risk mine.

Now if I did leave GA, it would be to go back to Texas... where I KNOW libs are seen as useful servants. You see, I grew up there, know lots of folks there, and really miss living around folks with common sense. I spent the last 4 years taking care of my Dad as he died... now I am free to do what I choose. May just go back to 'earthly heaven' (that is, Texas), and look around after the first of the year... any of you Texas HVAC guys like a visit from GA? We can plan how to take the country back from the libs... <grin>