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I think his vote is for sale to whomever kissis his arse and promises the most free stuff at someone else's expense... Wonder what will happen when all of us with $$$ are either drained dry or leave the country... as in beyond the reach of the taxman?

I see it now... Living in a tropical paradise, beyond the reach of the US govt... no longer subject to US corrupt polecats... and living GOOD because it does not take much $$$ to live good down there. And the pawns of the current administration are freezing in the cold dark because there is nobody to shake-down... we all left.
And here is the deal: In that tropical paradise, there is freedom!!! Nobody puts up with folks who do not understand and support freedom.
Well once again your mouth has overridden your A$$.

You don't know squat about me, where I work, or what I do.

I probably make far more money then you.

So instead of commenting about what you don't know perhaps you should stick to your loser comments and posting emails from other right wing extreemists websites and more bible study, praying, and taking care of Mrs GA-HVAC-Tech if there is one. Which I highly doubt.