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Thread: Infinity 9M 060

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    Feb 2005
    Just installed my first infinity 9M gas condensing furnace
    with ECM blower and modulating gas valve.
    Just have it in place with venting done, will finish
    duct work transition to pleniums tomorrow, I fired furnace
    to give them heat for tonight and noticed first bend in
    primary heat exchanger was getting red hot,have return air
    filter grill cut in and wondering if any of you have ever
    noticed something like this?
    Thanks Wally

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    Can you post the model numbers?

    Not sure what you mean about the return grille,installed or not installed??

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    I believe he means Affinity too.

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    Feb 2005
    Sory, my mistake its an Affinity Model PM9060 york 95%
    AFUE modulating gas furnace with ECM motor.
    What I mean is I had filter grill installed but duct
    work was not connected yet so i could give them heat
    overnight. Noticed first bend in primary heat exchanger
    turned red hot.

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    maybe you should hook up all the duct work. with the duct work disconnected the static pressure is not there and the ecm motor is not moving the right cfm. same thing happens when you try to run a ecm motor with the door off.

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