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    I've been searching for a 2-way corner ceiling register. The problem is, I can't seem to find directivity pattern information. I can find "throw" as a function of cfm and register size, but I think the throw specification is for the two directions that are at right angles, not along the diagonal. A quick test of a corner register at my office seems to indicate that most of the air goes out as directed by the vanes, and very little of it goes out along the diagonal.

    I'd like to use a corner register in the ceiling of a room at my house, and I'd actually like the throw to be longer where the distance to the wall is longer (that is, along the diagonal). I can't find a source of registers that has information to this degree of detail.

    I suppose a semi-circular register would work, but it would look funny and I can't find any anyway.

    I hope this post is not too amateurish or DIY. It raises a general theoretical issue. When it comes to implementation, I'll contact my local professional.


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    The trick to getting even throw out of any grill that has more than one throw direction is to have a straight boot and have the duct straight for a foot or 2 before it connects to the boot.
    If you have angled, side tap or end tap boots, or the duct isn't straight into the top of the boot, you will never ever have any possibility of having even throw in each direction.

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