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    Anyone have the contact number for Honeywell? I have a few questions concerning their Solid State Economizer System, and I haven't been able to find a good number anywhere.


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    What are your questions? I am sure someone here can answer them.

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    If you don't get an answer here, you can call the Components Hotline in Minneapolis at 763-954-6464.

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    Thanks. I ended up calling 612 number, I talked to someone in india, then they gave me an 888 number which put me in contact with a technical guy that answered most of my questions.

    The one question he couldn't answer is:

    What is the best sensor to monitor second hand smoke when using a W7460 fresh air economizer module?


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    Do you mean a W7340?

    The economizers are designed to work with a 2-10 vdc CO2 sensor for demand controlled ventilation. I guess if you can find a smoke sensor with that output you could fake the module out, but I'm not aware of such a ssensor.

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    Nope. I mean the W7460. According to the brochure it replaces the W7459.

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    OK, you can find info at but my answer is still correct that you'd have to find a 2-10vdc smoke sensor if one exists.

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