We recently had a Daikin 3MXS24JVJU Multi condensor with a FTXS15HVJU in the downstairs area and a CTXS09HVJU in two upstairs bedrooms. The downstairs unit is set as having priority.

Here is my problem, the downstairs is where my parents are and they like to have it warmer than my kids who are in the 2 bedrooms. I originally had them all set on Auto, with the downstairs unit at 73 and the upstairs units set at 69/70. The problem we would run into is if it was heating for the downstairs, it would also heat the upstairs instead of turning off, and when it was cooling it would cool the downstairs as well, it also seemed to get stuck in the cooling and the only way I could get it to reset would be to turn off the bottom unit and then turn it back on and then it would start heating. Lately I have the downstairs unit set to Heating and 68 because it seems to run 4 to 5 degrees higher (room temp is measuring 73/74) I have the upstairs units set to cool and 71 and 69. The problem is the upstairs units never come on, the louvers are always closed with the green light blinking. The only way I can get them to turn on is to turn off the downstairs unit.

According to Daikin documentation and their website the system is suppose to be able to support different climates, but I can not get it to work. It seems to me that it should be able to tell that it has met the temperature downstairs that it would turn that unit off, and then turn on the upstairs units and start cooling until those temps have been met.

I have been in contact with the company that installed them, and they have been trying to get tech support to help, but according to Daikin they are working properly??? I find it really ridiculous that I have to constantly turn units on/off or adjust temperatures. I should be able to just set it and leave it.

Anyone have any ideas??

Thanks you