I have a EMFT000AAC02100 that I hyperterm into that has been running several ucm's for VAV/FTUs and 2 TED600 voyager rooftop units.

Part # Tracer L
Date - 2397 "1997"

I have been getting very erratic behavior out of the system:

Economizer is opening and closing on its own and I keep getting alarms for the OA temp. failing but mainly return air RH failure and I cant seem to locate a Return RH sensor as of yet. But I am getting that about every 10 minutes give or take. The OA only happened once or twice but generally is reading fine.

I cant seem to notice any other issues than that. It does seem to be communicating fine and says communication is up.

Not sure where to go on this and any help would be great. I have Zero documentation and the stuff I find doesnt seem to be as old as what I have.

My assumption is I have some bad sensors but Without any documentation I cant seem to trace this issue down. I guess Im not sure if I need more info on the Controls or the unit itself. Everything I find on the unit refers to its LOCAL controls however this thing is set up to have the TRACER control it over the network.

All troubleshooting seems to be for operation without the Tracer.

I AM LOST on how to proceed.

THanks ahead of time