I hope the Pros monitoring this forum can help me, where Honeywell unfortunately has declined to provide information. Our oil company installed the aquastat along with a Solaia boiler & Riello burner, but they don't seem up-to-date on the L7248L features.

The aquastat's full model number is "L7248L 1070 1." The L7248L is connected to a Taco SR506, one of whose zones is indirect DHW. The SR506 connects only to the TT terminals on the 7248; right now the aquastat's ZR is not used. In the interest of saving energy and money I am investigating Honeywell Outdoor Reset modules and also the (apparently) built-in Thermal Purge.

Question 1: When I step thru the aquastat settings the only ones listed are HL_, F-C, and ELL. Could you please explain why duu, tPL, and tPt are unavailable? I do understand that the Reset settings (such as OtL, BtL) should be shown only when an approved reset module is detected on the Enviracom bus.

Question 2: Are Thermal Purge and Outdoor Reset mutually exclusive?

Thank you very much for your help!