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    Help with mini split decision.

    Adding a room addition onto the back of the house. 350 sq ft on thick patio slab. Have decided that I will be most satisfied with a mini split because of lesser operating noise. Most of the previous threads are several years old. It would seem that the Daikin, fujitsu and Mitsu are the front runners. Need advice on brand selection and whether or not to pay more for ceiling installation of cassette. It would seem that if people are not happy with the look of a wall mounted system that a ceiling install would be the way to go. A ceiling unit appears to be about $$$ more for the equipment. Any advice will be appreciated. Good advice most appreciated.
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    I would go with a fujitsu or Mitsubishi. I think Mitsubishi are the best in mini splits world.

    I don't think the wall mount is bad looking, but then it's not my home or dollars, so it does not matter what I think. Go with the one you like the look of the best, and if that is the ceiling is the way you want to go, go with it.

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    Cassette's don't come close to the efficiency of the wall mounts.
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