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    After reading a number of posts here I have number of concerns. I had a XV80 furance and a XL14i AC installed this past July. The HVAC contractor said that a chimney liner would not be necessary. My hot water heater is also vented into the same chimney as the furance. They installed a Trane BATVENT800B with the furance. The chimney is exposed on three sides to the outside. Also the furance is installed in a unfinished basement. How much efficiency am I losing with this BAYVENT installed. Should I call the heating contractor and try to have a chimney liner installed at this point and have the BAYVENT disconnected. At the time I did get bids from three other contactors to replace my system and they all had a chimney liner in there bids.

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    The chimney vent kits are a last resort IMHO. Best bet is line the chimney. That is most efficient and best protection for the chimney.

    What's bad about the vent kits?

    They are a draft hood allowing warm house air to be sucked out of the house 24/7. That's like having a window open all the time letting cold air pour in. That's why we got away from draft hood furnaces to begin with. I'd almost guess you now have closer to a 70% AFUE furnace.

    Next question, do they help? In very cold climates, Rheem won't even let their distributors have them thinking they won't do enough good to protect the chimney against condensation in very cold weather.

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