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This is an example of why i feel that our current problems were started pre 2009 and anyone that thinks that obama is going to solve this in four years is probally just a obama hater . And i said pre 2009 and never said it was a strictly republican caused problem . I voted for bush twice at the time but have voted for obama the last 2 times because all the repubs have done since bush is drag there feet . And as far as finishing school i did . And being in the hvac trade for close to 30 years i think i will stay. Tunnel Rat when you attack people all you do is show ignorance !
I attacked no one. I call it like it is. This bunch is ruining this country and I'd like there to be a prosperous country here in yrs. to come. Perhaps my daughter might want to come back someday and have a decent life. I would think any responsible adult would feel the same way.