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Happened to my son during the last presidential election. Term paper on whatever subject the student chose in current events. Subject to get preapproved by the instructor. He chose to compare budget plans between Obama and McCain The teacher said there is no chance he could get a passing grade and insisted he pick a different topic. He chose not to and flunked.
Sorry to hear about that. I know that happens a lot. I had a girl friend about 20 years ago who was studying to get a BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) at GA State Univ. Most of the graduate assistance where Black and highly prejudiced against White students. They would only help the other Black students and if you graveled a lot they might help you a little but were very rude.

Some of the Black students didn't know jack and were given passing grades when they were failing. A good friend of hers finally complained about it and got "Blackballed" and was flunked out. The assistants graded the papers, lab reports, etc. My girlfriend kept a real low profile and managed to graduate. If she had made any comments about discrimination or of a politically conservative nature she would have survived the first day. So much for academic freedom on college campuses.

Even if a college professor was apolitical he or she couldn't risk being labeled a "racist" if they tried to take up for a White student who got blackballed by the Black graduate assistants. So you have both racial and political discrimination on campuses across the country. You are forced to be PC or get flunked out. That is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God. Thank you, thank you very much