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Mr. Obama is the Elected President whether you like it or not, this is our
country and Mr. OBAMA is The COMMANDER IN CHIEF and nothing changes that
Life ain't fair,
America ain't fair,
More poor than rich
More un-educated than educated
Mr. Obama should get a 3rd Term to even to unfair playing field.
Gentlemen Exibit 1...

Oh look another uniformed Obama apologist.

And he's made the ridiculous point that the government should be the arbiter of universal fairness.

THIS is a example of who re-elected Obama.

This is a great example of why this election was so important and why I have little hope for this Country's future.

That a free individual exposed to the opportunity granted every person lucky enough to be born in this Country has devolved intellectually to the point of entitlement.

That a human being whos given the choice to be self sufficient almost instictively has embraced an innate expectancy and laments the challenges of a free world.

Yes little Obama Exibit #1, the worlds not fair but the difference between you and right thinking Americans is they're willing to give success a shot using their intelligence and conviction and hard work.

To ask for a hand out or for a percieved "hand up" from anyone without earning it is a foriegn concept that would lead to embarassment and untold shame.

I'm sorry you cant handle self sufficiency but its not my fault your were brought up that way.

Plus, life isn't fair.