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Thread: UNT Question

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    UNT Question

    I have a JCI UNT 140-1 that isnt communicating. Not sure if its working or not cause I didnt want to dig that far into it today.... but it wont communicate with the workstation and when I connect directly to it I cant get any controller information...cant upload the configuration to my laptop...wont commission....etc....

    Disconnected the inputs...changed the address...cycled power to it several times..... nothing...

    Its bad.... but one thing that puzzles me is that the green led on the UNT is flashing at a very high rate and its a steady rate.....and the UNT is also making a high pitched whine.... almost like a relay buzzing at a very high frequency.

    Just wondering if anyone else has run into this before and what may have caused it.

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    does the UNT start to smoke after it's been plugged in for a while ???

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    Probably lost the bus driver port

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    Kontrolthis is dead on the money ive seen plenty of dead N2 ports. Ive seen a very few rare cases where you a shorted out metastat which was the problem... Remove the RJ45 from the controller if there is one.. If not disregard. I've had a site were someone was going around shorting the pin on the commissioning port in the metastat and one time it didn't kill the power supply but knocked the controller offline.

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    If you have a spare UNT, instead of replacing the whole controller you can remove just the N2 communications card, and replace it with a known/suspected functional one. The communications cards are designed to be a replaceable part, but with a little work you can remove it.

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