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    Id go with the York but would definitely opt for a heat pump and upgrade to the AVG air handler with a true ecm. There is alot of adjustment capabilities in that air handler and settings for different climates.

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    I don't sell either so my advice is based on servicing both brands over more than 25 years. I have a slight preference for Bryant over York.
    I think the determining factor should be the quality of the installation. Which company did the most thorough examination of your house, including the duct system? Did they perform a heat load calculation to determine the proper size for your new equipment? Did they offer you choices and features to meet both your needs and your budget?
    BTW, I recommend a variable speed blower motor for the best de-humidification and comfort.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rodney28334 View Post
    Whats wrong with a heat pump in Florida. Just do not install aux heat, and the few times you need heat the hp can handle it much more efficiently than straight electric heat strip heat. Unless gas is cheaper to use than the electricity to power heatpump only.
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