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    Trunk space in new design

    We are in planning stages for a new build, and before any of the GCs who will bid this are engaged, and HVAC pros brought into the picture, we want to see if we have a design that can be ducted. In other words, do we have a structure and a plan in which the ducts can be run without changing architecture, or not?

    A 4100 sf house has two floors and one HVAC unit will be used to handle each floor. It is the second floor and its spaces below I am concerned with. See the picture, attached. A master suite, two bedrooms, laundry room, project room, and some closets.

    The HVAC unit location is shown, and I show where the ceilings are dropped in the space below to permit trunks and lines to run under the floor joists. I used a 12 x 12 grid in this mark-up which provides some scaling.

    Floor joists are all 14" I-joists, and the manufacturer permits web holes up to 8 x 16 to be cut at about mid-span of joists. I show about where these might go.

    The ceiling drops are such with framing, etc., that the outside depth of any trunks run in these would be about 9".

    Is this a plan that an HVAC pro might make work?
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