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    80% Efficient 2-cycle furnace cycles per hour

    I just got a new thermostat and in the settings it's asking me about cycles per hour for both stages of heat.

    I have them both set to 3 cycles per hour but I am finding that my furnace is kicking on more than it needs to so it's blowing in cold air some cycles.

    Not too sure what I should have it all set as.

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    CPH =2 would be appropriate.
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    You could always call technical support on t-stat. A t-stat is not neccesarily (spell check) a diy project, just don't mess up too much.

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    For both optimal efficient operation & comfort, I like longer runtimes & a longer off-time between cycles.

    I have a high efficiency 57,000-Btuh output propane furnace with a 1 to 9 SWING setting that I have set on 5; with temps in the low to mid 40's it cycles about once every 2 hours or, more or slightly less.

    The temp off/on differential is between 2.5 & 3 degrees F; set at 70 it drops to nearly 67-F before it kicks on &, the burner has been timed many times as being on for 14-minutes per cycle in this outdoor temp range.

    I dress rather warm & am very comfortable with these ultra long off times.

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