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    Trouble w Mammoth RTU I/O Pro 812U Bacnet

    I am trying to connect an FX60 to a mammoth RTU with a I/O Pro 812u. I am connecting with a 3' piece of wire from the internal RS485 card to the port2a (net+, net-). I have setup bacnet correctly and have tested with known good controllers. I cannot add this 812U manually or with discover.

    My wiring is @ 812u red net+ // blk net- @ FX60 red+// blk - (no ground)

    I have tried various speeds without luck. This controller allows you to choose N2 which I did, and was able to discover the device without issue when I added a N2 network. My job spec'd Bacnet MSTP though.

    I have selected MS/TP MASTER and selected 2 wire/ 485 on the units jumpers.

    I know the JACE is setup without issue because I can talk to a PCT controller when connected. My device network is 2001 and 812u is using 12 as the address.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Fixed. Tech support had me hardcode the JACES bacnet network # into the 812u via BacView. BacView Password was 09876

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    Thanks for letting us know how you resolved the issue.
    UA LU 562

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    I have heard rumors off this. Basically controller will not communicate unless it's network matches the one it is connected to.
    It was indicated that this is part of the future "BACnet security". Basically another way to lock down your system, not sure this is a good thing.
    I see more and more vendors jumping on this "BACnet security" before a standard has been set. Welcome to the WWW (Wild Wild West). And remember the West Coast is the best coast.

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