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    Hot Standby Redundancy PLC/DDC

    Hi All,

    Currently i have a project that required to use hot standby redundancy PLC, which i think it overkill on my equipment as it is a standalone dehumidifier system.

    I like to ask have anyone use or see any hot standby redundancy DDC before?

    If not, do anyone know any cheap and reliable PLC with hot redundancy?

    Hope you hear for good news...

    Thank in advance...


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    I've seen it once, but it was a large data center. Duplicate HVAC & controls on everything. Few years ago, in a previous life tho. For just a dehumidifier, it does sound like overkill on the surface. Unless it is a critical piece of environmental control for a process. That would make sense.


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    We've used a line of PLC's called Cimon - they are built by KDT out of Korea They have a full redundancy system (power supplies and CPU) that we've successfully deployed on a chiller plant serving a datacenter...the Korenglish documentation is a bit tough to work through, but the programming is fully functional and works nicely.

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