Working at a aluminum rolling mill the past few weeks on fall outage PMs. For the most part we work on the chillers and air handlers for motor and motor room cooling. Last week they did a tear down on 2 out of 3 of the finishing mill motors. One of the armatures was pulled for offsite work. They have special cradles with enclosures for motor part moving and storage. The armature alone weighed 60,000 lb. with cradle enclosure the weight was just shy of 90,000lb. It was disassembled, worked on, parts trucked out, parts trucked back, reassembled and rolling aluminum in one week
Today they rolled an even bigger motor in for a different mill. 153,000lb armature with 193,000lb. cradle/armature weight. Makes me feel like I'm playing with a tonka truck in the sandbox while the kids next door are playing with haul-trucks in a strip-mine.