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    Arrow Stand a lone wireless switches

    Reaching out to those who have worked with any stand a lone wireless relay packs. We have a project that needs to monitor dorm room windows and door closure. Once any of the (7) openings are not closed, the a/c shuts down. I am looking for any advice on what others have used for something like this???

    I'm coming up with zigbee wireless as one solution, but do not wish to install a coordinator in each location. There are 37 dorm rooms.

    Any advice is appreciated. We just need to open or close a set of contacts for the controls.


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    I know it is being pushed as a hotel room solution. Just got my first setup and haven't had time to mess with it yet. If you are interested in more info send me an email (in my profile) and I'll get you in touch with the West coast trainer.

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    We've used Enocean door/window switches to override thermostat in perimeter office spaces, 45 sensors with 8 HVAC zones (5-6 sensors per switch). The project worked really well. The switches are solar powered and will maintain a charge even in low light. The Enocean relays are low voltage version, 24v, and are a perfect fit for our application. No intermediate controller was needed. You simply "learn" the switches with each relay using a utility program on our laptop with a USB donagle equipped with Enocean radio. Placement of antennas are obviously critical to a good project. If you can get them in wall cavities, you can avoid some signal loss. Hope that helps.

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    I would also suggest Enocean. The wireless solar switches are great in that they do not require battery swap outs every couple years. I second eyeLON comment, on the importance of the antennas.

    Also for the for the sales in the education side, schools love that the switches are powered with solar panels.

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