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    water temperature sensor calibration device

    Hi All -
    We've got a lot of 10K-2 immersion sensors wired to our BMS and need to calibrate these sensors. I have heard of NIST temperature calibration tools that insert through a Pete's Plug and directly measure the water temperature to give a point of reference for calibrations/offsets in the BMS.
    I've found the Fluke device but wonder if anyone could give a product recommendation?
    Thank you.

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    We use one like this when specified. I don't remember the exact brand but it works well.

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    I have a Fluke 50D that works well. The company I work for send it out yearly to get calibrated and NIST certified. If you in the Fluke catalog they have probes that can be inserted into a Pete's Plug. I had one i and did it all the time. Sometimes I remove a gauge out of it's well and get my readings.

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