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    Aviation Structural Mechanic - Equipment

    My sister who has been trying to join the Navy is now going in as an AME. I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with them? Their job description includes hvac so I thought it would be worth a shot to ask here. Some unbiased info would be good because the recruiters she is talking to are so biased it makes me want to go talk to them. I have no experience with naval aviation but the recruiter told her that Aviation Electrician and Aviation Structural Mechanic are basically the same thing, just one works with electricity and one doesn't

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    There's a guy here on the board called MechAcc (sp) who apparently used to do that type of work. Maybe he'll find ithis thread and chime in.

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    I was the Marine Corps counterpart to the AM's. We were either structural/sheet metal or hydraulics. She could also be part of a flying squadron or work at a FRC. Its a good trade(s) to get into if you like aviation. and there is a big difference between the AM's and AE's. Any questions you got shoot em at me.

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    The duties performed by AMEs include:
    • maintain the various aircraft systems such as seat and canopy ejection (egress), gaseous and liquid oxygen, life raft ejection, fire extinguishing, air conditioning, cabin and cockpit heat, pressurization, ventilation;
    remove and install oxygen system valves, gauges, converters and regulators;
    • Inspect, remove, install and rig ejection seats, shoulder harnesses, lap belts and face-curtain mechanisms;
    • perform daily, preflight, postflight and other periodic aircraft inspections.

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