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    Confused American Standard Freedom95 Acculink in a power outage??????

    My propane American Standard Freedom95 Acculink furnace commuicates to a separate airconditioning unit that requires a 220 power source. I'm realtively certain the furnace itself doesn't need 220 volts to operate, yet my installer doesn't have a means (or interest) to circumvent the acculink system in the event of a power outage. Our household needs are easily met with a small 110 volt generator, but it would be advantageous to operate the American Standard Freedom95 furnace with 110 voltage. How could I accopmlish an emergency 110 power source to my furnace????? Thanks fotto23

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    It will run your furnace just fine with the outdoor unit shut off.

    You will get an error message on the stat, but just ignore it, the furnace will run fine.
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