went to a no hot water call today in a mobile home.

found a standard Whirlpool water heater in there with the burner door safety tripped, the screen on the bottom was plugged solid with "stuff".

gas furnace right next to it, mobile home type, so return is through the top door.

called boss and explained situation and he said light it and leave it functional.

went back in and proceeded, but found flue to be a joke. there was a 2" gap between the flue and the top of the water heater and they tried to use that collar to make a seal.

Well, I shut it down, called the boss and told him why. They can send someone else to light it if they so incline. Not going to be on my mind or my license lost due to safety issue.

another one, had 5 elbows off the top of the draft hood to spin around and join the common flue with the furnace. WTF!!!!