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    I like the fill the drum idea, maybe 2 5 gallon buckets would be more practical?

    Doesnt work like that with an open pipe, there is no pressure on it so that would be free flow. You must have a way to test pressure drop across the water coil and manuf. specs to calculate GPM PERIOD!!! Anything other than that is a guess at best. Remember the water outlet has pressure on it too. EVERY manuf. out there has these specs available.

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    Those braided hoses you mentioned have a rubber lining inside the deteriorates over time. I'm betting you still have a fouled condenser. You do need the h2o circuit setters and strainers. It would be a good investment.

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    Check ball valves for in-line screens. I had a supply ball valve with a clogged screen in it. Not the strainer style. Just a small screen similar to one you see on a faucet.

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    JayGuy stole my thunder as he is correct. System friction on supply and return affect flow so the open bucket trick proves nothing.
    It might get loud!

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