I have a new 2 ton mcquay wshp that has an air delta T of 10 deg. and a condenser water delta T of 25 deg:
return air 72 supply 62
supply water 75 return 100
r410a low 130~45 deg high 350~106deg.

My first thought is to flush the condenser loop in the unit, there are no strainers or flow-raters around the unit and it is on a closed loop system. Beyond that, I was advised by a trusted supervisor to switch the 1/2" steel braid hoses (which is the standard for the unit, per the product literature) to 3/4", leaving the 1/2" piping from the main supply line to the unit. If a gummed-up condenser coil is not the issue, will the increased hose diameter increase the water flow, even if the unit is designed for 1/2" and the piping is 1/2" as well?