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    Narrowed to last 2 options-Please provide opinions

    Hello all,

    I've narrowed down all of my proposals to the final 2 and would love to have some opinions to help sway me one way or another. I'm in N. VA in an approx. 1600 SF, 3 level TH. The 2 systems for a 2.5 ton heat pump/air handler replacement are:

    Option 1:
    Carrier Performance
    2.5 ton 25HCC530 (SEER 15, EER 12.5, HSPF 8.5)
    Air handler FV4CNF002 variable speed (existing duct situation does not allow for 005)
    10 Kw heat strip
    TC-PHP stat
    Add return air to basement (not done by previous owners when they finished the basement)
    Standard manufa warranty/2 year labor

    Option 2:
    Lennox Dave Lennox Signature
    2.5 ton XP17-030-230 (SEER 16.2, EER 13.5, HSPF 9)
    Air handler CBX32MV-036, variable speed
    10Kw heat strip
    iComfort Wi-Fi stat
    Add return air to basement (not done by previous owners when they finished the basement)
    standard manuf warranty/1 year labor

    The Lennox is in the running thanks to a large rebate but is still a bit more expensive than the Carrier. I like the higher efficiency of the Lennox as well as EDD but the am hearing/finding/researching various opinions about Lennox that prevents me from being convinced. The Carrier, although less efficient, has been proven and is currently a good deal. Is the Lennox model too advanced for my purposes? I don't need any of the duel fuel capability nor will I ever install solar panels. Both installers I feel comfortable with and are factory authorized dealers. Also, I am interesting in the Nest and know that the Lennox model is not compatible (at least it will be a dumber stat than the iComfort) though I will not buy a system based on Nest compatibility.

    I am truly on the fence, maybe leaning slightly towards the Carrier because of the high praise it usually gets.

    (By the way, I did receive Trane and AS bids but they are slightly out of my comfort zone.)

    Thanks in advance for your comments.

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    If the Lennox is not compatible with the Nest, then neither is the Carrier. Their both single stage units.
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    Seems to me the Lennox's extra efficiency would be a plus.

    The Nest is the most frustrating stat I've ever seen. A customer, my tech and I spent hours trying to get them, 1st and 2nd generation, to work on a single stage HP with backup. The tech spend 2 hours there, we ate a lot of time, and finally figured it out. Advanced tech support (they have levels) didn't do any good.

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    i'm definitely not sold on the nest and appreciate each individual experiences to judge whether or not i want it.

    i thought the next is compatible w/ both single or 2-stage units.....the only carrier line it's not compatible with is the infinity line because of it's advanced/proprietary controls.

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    The ecobee is a MUCH better stat than the Nest. About the same price, and has MANY more features. However, Ecobee doesn't have the "autolearn" feature and it's as pretty as Nest.

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