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    If you have experience with the UniChiller unit I am interested in your story.

    My home is a 3 level 1937 brick cape cod cooled by a single window shaker. We are going to install a central air system and retain our warm radiator system. The system we are interested in is manufactured by Unico. While some info is availble about the airhandler I have found very little about the Unichiller product.

    Your recommendation is appreciated.


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    I cant imagine your heating and cooling loads being anywhere near the same. If one of those had the drive to heat enough water for old radiators, it would be so oversized in cooling you's hammer the compressor.

    The largest one only produces 35,000 btuhs at 10 degrees ambient, that would not work well with old radiators.

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    Call Unico - there engineering department would be glad to answer your questions correctly. They'll tell you if it will
    work or not.
    Whoa Maynard - that's not how it works.

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    The intent is to install a central air for primary cooling and as a back-up system for heating. We intend to retain (or possibly update) the boiler to supply the radaitor heat.

    I'm basically searching for info. on the Unichiller system.


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    google...unichiller. A design PDF is like the 2nd or 3rd response.

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