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    Hello, I have a honeywell vision pro single stage stat on my gas furnace. One of the upstairs bedrooms, the furthest, is a bit cold. I have had this checked out and it appears that they slightly undersized the duct to this room. Short of ripping open the walls to replace, I was wondering if I could install a honeywell C7189U 1005 remote indoor sensor to average the temp between the master bedroom (were the stat is) and the colder room. Once you connect the remote stat, do you loose the sensing capabilities of the main stat? IF so, do additional stats need to be wired in throughout the floor to average?


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    correct, you lose the stat as a temp sensing device. You can multiplex sensors in a fashion to average the remote sensors. See the literature that comes with the remote sensor.

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    Need sensors in square root amounts to average, i.e. (4, 9, 16, etc.)

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