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    What brand furnace to get?

    So basically I have learned that 80% furnaces will no longer be sold here beginning May 1. I have buildings to the 3 feet to the left, 3 feet to the right, 15 feet in back and on top of our place. In back there is a deck between our place and our neighboring condo. I have had three guys look at it and say that it will take major construction to vent a 90% furnace.

    So I am thinking that maybe I should get an 80% unit while its still easy. Ours is about 12 years old and in real bad shape with a a lot of rust. We moved in a year ago and the previous owner had let the humidifier leak all over the furnace and had poor maintenance in general. SO I don't know that there is much life left in the furnace.

    Had two guys look at it so far. First guy was a big HVAC dealer with lots of commercials. He suggests that I change AC coil and condenser too. Says that my coil might also be rusted and that I should just replace it and then I need to change my condenser too because its R22.

    Than I had a contractor come over that I found on craigslist. Even though I am very weary of craigslist I liked the guy. He seemed to know what he was talking about. He pointed out that the humidifier I had installed a few days ago should have had hot water connected since its on the return side. I checked Aprilaire site and he is right. His furnace only price was half the big guys furnace only price.

    He told me that he would inspect the coil for rust when he replaces the furnace and if it were bad he would replace the coil for $. He said no point in doing the condenser and yes the new coil will have R22. But if condenser were to break at some point in the future he still has access to R22 condensers or just replace coil again as its not very expensive.

    My hesitation is that he likes Ducane furnaces. He will do AMerican Standard or Trane for about 30% more but says that he has had more problems with trane than Ducane. I guess I read mixed stuff on Ducane. I guess my other hesitation is that he really doesn't have any reviews. I do however feel like hes just a small time guy who seems to know his stuff and I am not paying for his TV commercials as I am with the first guy.

    Is Ducane all right? I have seen similar prices on Payne or Goodman. I guess none of these are supposed to be the best. Should I pay more for something else? SHould I use that contractor who was here and get American Standard. I saw a local contractor advertising Rheem for a pretty good price.

    Really all I care about is that is heats the house and doesn't break down. Actually are current furnace works just fine but I'm just worried that it will break down soon and any HVAC guy who ever looks at it says it looks like its 30 years old. I don't particularly care about quiet as its in the basement. Really just looking for reliability.
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    Ducane is fine.
    Contractor locator map


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    I like Ducane.
    There several brands that I wouldn't touch.
    But I won't name them, because I'm sure there are many here who are perfectly comfortable with them.
    Bottom line is finding a GREAT contractor who trusts his brand, and will stand behind it.
    And the Ducane factory is all nice and shiny!
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    Is safety a factor?

    Reliability has little to do with brand name. It is all about the install.

    The craigslist guy may be great.....and really know his stuff ...or the guys from large company may be better.

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    Decide on a contractor. NOT a brand

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    Quote Originally Posted by SBKold View Post
    Is safety a factor?

    Reliability has little to do with brand name. It is all about the install.

    The craigslist guy may be great.....and really know his stuff ...or the guys from large company may be better.
    Another thing to think about is the guy from the big company going to actually DO the install. Big companies around here have a habit of sending out a salesman to sell the job, then get different installers. Sometimes he installers are good, other times not so much. The craigslist guy will most likely do the work or have somebody he knows well do it.

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