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Thread: Defrost Mode

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    Question Defrost Mode

    Hi !

    I have an older samsung mini-split (AQ18A0RCF). It works fine summer and winter but, on cold days, it creates a good amount of ice over the coil.
    I already confirmed that the Defrost mode is working but it’s not enough to melt everything between 2 defrost cycle.

    I checked the contractor map ... nobody listed in my area (North shore of Montreal)

    Do you have an idea of how I could change the interval between defrost cycle ?
    Is it possible to force the defrost mode manually (to melt ice when required)?

    Thanks for your help

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    I don't know this model specifically, but it is very unlikely that the defrost timing is adjustable, on this unit. Most if not all of these units are 'demand defrost' which means that they look at relationships between coil temp, line temp and outdoor temp, in order to initiate and terminate defrost. Your sensors could be out of calibration or are making poor contact with their respective lines. More likely you have lost some charge. Just a guess but I seriously doubt that you can adjust any defrost intervals. Good luck

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    yes i think adillon is on point excessive freeze up is likely due to charge or it could be an airflow issue best get a contractor to have a look

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    Thanks Guys,

    Will try to find a local guy to help me out.

    The installation was done 2 years ago, I never thought I could be low on refrigerant already.

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    Probably a loose flare joint. Check with soap bubbles.

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