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    Same unit, different efficiency numbers...???

    Hi all,

    I'm breaking this question off on a new thread since it's very specific.

    I have 2 proposals for basically the exact same configuration, at least in the heat pump compressor and air handler. The problem is, I get 2 different efficiency numbers from different installers. Shouldn't it be the same?

    The system is a Carrier Performance
    SEER 15
    25HCC530 unit
    FV4CNF002 air handler
    2.5 ton systems

    Installer #1 says:
    EER: 12.5
    HSPF: 8.5

    Installer #2 says:
    EER: 12
    HSPF: 8.1

    What gives? Are there minor changes within each model # that may affect this?

    Thanks in advance.

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    One might be using the actual online ARI database. THe other might be using the product data sheets which are not as accurate or updated as regularly and contain fewer matches.

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    AHRI# 3676250

    says #1 is right.

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    Interesting that the higher, more favorable numbers are the correct ones. It's usually the opposite.
    Thank you all!

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