I am a AC tech & trying to fix someones heat pump but it has a very strange problem.
It runs fine in cool mode but in heat it gives problems.

We just installed the unit last year its a RUUD value series 3 ton heat pump R410A the Air handler was a couple years old R410A model.
The TXV sensing line bulb in the heat pump had broke and I brazed it back not wanting to start replacing parts if its not going to be the only problem.
The pressures were giving me problems so I stated off replacing the evap coil TXV first. Now they seam fine, but when I start in heat mode it runs for around a min but compressor starts clicking and shuts off.
Then it shows 5 min. delay on the board I have bypassed the low & high pressure switches and still does it. Pressures are 375 hi & low.

I have never seen 5 min delay pop up for a error. And yes it keep the control voltage to the board the whole time for it to run.

I'm just wanting to know could the TXV be the problem or maybe the board?
Or any other idea's ?