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    Optimal settins Honeywell triple aquastat 8124- we don't use tankless

    Dear all
    This question must be bread and butter to you. We recently purchased a house in NY. We have an oil furnace with a honeywell triple aquastat. The house came with a gas water heater so we do not need to divert water away from the radiators. From what I have read, however, it seems better to use the LO and DIFF in all seasons for best maintenance and to prevent cold starts. I have read conflicting information about the best off-season vs heating season settings for Hi, Lo and Diff. Currently, for reasons i don't understand, the boiler is cutting off when H2O is LO + DIFF (not just running up to Hi-10). It is set at 180, 140, 20.
    Thanks for help with what must be a very naive question!

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    It will only run up to high limit when there is a heat call. And then may not always do so.
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