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    Since he said he wanted a steady as possible heat. The 803 and 8000 series aren't what he wants. They will leave the temp droop before bring on the aux heat. The IAQ and HD won't. And they both can be set to have the back light on constantly.
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    Appreciate your responses. I have no humidity control. The motor is not a variable speed. It is 3 speed but you have to move the wire to select. I would not use it for 7 day programming and will set it steady if I can. Outdoor sensor to assist in when to kick in aux would be nice and nice to look at. Backlight would be wired on all time. Thankis.

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    Seems like you would enjoy the Prestige Stat by Honeywell (IAQ) especially if want to control AUX and perhaps the compressor lockout features by an outdoor stat. This is better than the VP8000 series.

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